Batch File Rename

Ever wanted to call a series of travel images in the same way containing date, place and counter? This tool is for you!

You can rename files selected from Play List. For renaming, you can generate a name pattern for new names. Please be very carefully when you use rename - remember you will be actually changing file names!

To use the Batch File Rename dialog box:

To generate name pattern this function uses placeholders in brackets [] instead of * and ? wildcards. The new names are immediately shown in the result list, but the files are not renamed until the Rename All button is pressed.

1) Define the name pattern.

[N] old file name, WITHOUT extension
[C] Paste counter, as defined in Counter field
[Y] Paste year in 4 digit form
[M] Paste month, always 2 digit
[D] Paste day, always 2 digit
[h] Paste hours, always in 2 digit format
[m] Paste minutes, always in 2 digit format
[s] Paste seconds, always in 2 digit format

Example: To create the name like this: italy_001_01-01-2000.jpg, where 001 is a counter which will be incremented through files, and 01-01-2000 is a current date. Use string: "italy_[C]_[M-D-Y]", without parentheses. You will need to set the Counter Digits value to 3 to see the counter like: 001.

2) Click Rename All to apply the changes.