Documentation - Main window controls and menus

This window serves to handle all other windows, control slide show, apply effects, configure viewer behavior and of course open/save images.

Click on the window parts to get detailed description.

[1] Open [2] Previous [3] Play/Pause [4] Next [5] Speed Slider [6] Rotate Left [7] Rotate Right File View Modify Options Tools [8] Pre-Process [9] Zoom 1:1 [10] Fit Image [11] Stretch [12] Full Screen [13] Panoramic Edit Window

The following buttons are provided in the main window:

[1] Open - Show open dialog to select a file to be loaded. More options are in the drop-down menu:

[2] Previous - Load previous image from Play List.

[3] Play/Pause - Start or Stop slide show. If you click on the small rectangle on the right side of the button then the pop-up menu will be opened:

[4] Next - Load next image from Play List.

[5] Speed Slider - Will open window with speed slider. Use this slider to change slide show speed.

[6] Rotate Left - Rotates current image to the left.

[7] Rotate Right - Rotates current image to the right.

[8] Pre-Process - Execute selected pre-process filters. More options are in the drop-down menu:

[9] Zoom 1:1 - Sets the zoom to 1:1 to view the image in natural size.

[10] Fit Image - Sets the zoom that will allow viewing the whole image.

[11] Stretch - Fits the image to the actual window size.

[12] Full Screen - Opens full-screen view window.

[13] Panoramic - Opens full-screen Panoramic view window to comfortably view large panoramic images.

Main menu






All tools you need to modify the image are collected here: Color Tools, embedded and plug-in Filters. The more detailed description can be found in Modify Menu page.