Documentation - Thumbnails

This window shows folder tree and small thumbnails for all images found in folder selected in the tree. Each thumbnail shows concise information about the image like: Size, Type, Number of Colors, Date and some EXIF/IPTC fields. Thumbnails represent files on disk which though can be visually deleted, copied, renamed, etc. Many parameters of this window can be configured through central preferences window and provide advanced functionality.

All thumbnails are cached into a "Documents and Settings\$USER_NAME$\DIMIN\Viewer5\cache_thumbnails\" folder if "Cache thumbnails" option is selected. The default size of 30mb allows storing approximately 8000 thumbnails. This feature is very useful if you scan folders with big images reducing scan time for already scanned folders.

Click on the window parts to get detailed description:

[1] Preferences [2] Reload thumbnails [3] Add Folder to Play List [4] Goto current image's folder [5] Sort by [6] Tree View pop-up menu [7] Thumbnail pop-up menu

The following visual controls are provided in this window:

[1] Preferences - Opens centralized preferences window on thumbnail page. There you can configure different parameters like: Thumbnail size, Whether to filter input images by certain type, show how many image files are in each folder and cache parameters.

[2] Reload thumbnails - Re-read folder directory using though already cached thumbnails.

[3] Add Folder to Play List - Adds all files from currently selected folder in tree view into Play List.

[4] Go to current image's folder - Selects in the Tree View folder of currently opened image.

[5] Sort by - Sorts thumbnails using following criterion:

[6] Tree View pop-up menu:

[7] Thumbnail pop-up menu: