Full Screen Panoramic View

This is special visualization mode to view mosaic photographs: the image made of several stitched photos (note: this tool doesn't generate these images). The red rectangle represents screen area and the panoramic image is moving to the sides. Press F11 and you'll see the panorama start moving.

The following visual controls are provided:

Panoramic Image: Use mouse (while pressing left button) or arrow keys to move around the image. Mouse double click turn on/off automatic image scrolling. Use - and = buttons to control scrolling speed. You may also control speed and direction using mouse while pressing left button.

Pop-up menu:

360 degrees - Enables/Disables 360 degrees mode. In this mode it is considered that the right end continues from the left end, so it shows image closed in imaginary circle. If not in the 360 mode automatic scrolling will go opposite direction on reaching the end.

Friction - This is interesting feature to use with mouse dragging image. If it's in automatic scrolling (double click image) mode and checked Friction, image movement will be slowing down until complete stop, remembering common physics rules.

Hot Keys - Show for a determinant period Hot Keys on screen.

Background Color - Show color dialog to select background color.

Close - Close Full Screen mode and free overlay image.