Use the Resize dialog box when you want to resize an image but not crop it or add new canvas around it. To change the dimensions of the image by adding pixels to or removing them from the edges of the image, use the Canvas Size dialog box.

To use the Resize dialog box:

1) Use the numeric edit controls to enter new measurements in the Width and Height boxes.

2) In the Resize Type box, select the type of resizing to apply. There are some choices:

3) To change the proportions of the image, select the “Maintain aspect ratio of” check box and type a new ratio for the image width. Aspect ratio is the relationship of the image’s width to height. By default, the Aspect ratio box displays the image’s current aspect ratio.

4) Click Resize to close the dialog box and apply the changes.

Note: After resizing, many images can be improved by using the Sharpen filter.

Bilinear and Bicubic resampling are available only for gray scale images and 24-bit images. If resample an image with a lower color depth, reduce the image’s color depth to the original depth after resizing.