Documentation - Batch File Conversion

Ever wanted to prepare a series of images for presentation with the same size and color depth? This tool is for you!

If you need to convert several files into a single file format, you can process them as a group using the Batch Conversion utility. This process makes copies of the files in the new format while leaving the originals intact. It uses selected files from Play List, in case no files were selected it uses all the files.

To use the Batch File Conversion dialog box:

1) Select the output folder, you may use one of three predefined folders: Temp (windows temporary folder), Current (folder of the currently open image) and Last Used.

2) Output file type, like: JPEG or BMP.

3) Enter new size in Width and Height boxes if you would like to change image resolution. To change the proportions of the image, uncheck the “Maintain aspect ratio” check box.

4) Select output color depth if you would like to change it.

5) Click Convert to execute batch.